Hong Kong New Year Countdown Celebrations 2018 – Best Places for Free & No Booking Needed

Here we are again, just a few days left in this year, and somehow we might not have achieved anything again; but still, it’s always good to celebrate you’ve successfully wasted of/ utilized a year!


And just as expected, if you are reading this now, that means you have not prepared and/or planned anything.


Don’t worry fam, I got you!


Read this carefully and go for it, and you can tell your SO to stop complaining, for a while at least!


I.       The New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Victoria Harbor

      Hong Kong Countdown Firework

A.     Of course, this one is always on the list, and mostly on the top of every lists TBH, because this is what Hong Kong famous for! The size and numbers of fireworks used in a single show, is not easy to be found in other cities.


Okay, enough for introduction, I am sure you’ve heard it a lot, the main point of this is to let you know the perfect vantage point to enjoy the astonishing performance with low spending and does not require to book beforehand!


Hong Kong Countdown Fireworks


The Official Recommendations are the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, The Central harborfront area, and the Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai. These choices are absolutely nice and surely you will have a great view; IF ONLY you are willing to be there at or before 5 or 6 pm (cause the entrance will be closed at around 8, depends on the number of people entered), and enjoy being a Sardines cause normally there are lots of people just like you!


My personal favorite are the footbridges/ drive bridges in Wan Chai. Yes, the footbridges are a bit far from the show and you may not be able to watch it all; But it’s FREE!! As for the drive bridges, some of them will be closed during 11 pm – 1 am, and it’s the best because they are so close to the harbor and with nearly no view blocking building in front of you! All you need to do is to check the special traffic & transport arrangement on the government website before getting there, and you will find your best place to watch the show.



My second option is the breakwater near the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, it’s free and not difficult to locate, and to make it easier, you can just pay the harbor craft in the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter and ask them to take you there, normally they will just charge you with $20 HKD. By that, you can enjoy the same view with the tycoon in the Yacht Club, only with less spending and efforts.

[Don’t do this if you have no idea how to swim, or you are pretty sure you will be drinking a lot that day]


II.      The Choir in Statue Square

      Statue Square

A.     There is a Choir that sing all sorts of Catholic songs during the night, with the night view there, surely you will have a great and warm evening in there with your SO.

Oh, by the way, the 18 feet tall Christmas Tree, and the decorations are still there, for idk how many consecutive years. Indeed, it is a bit late and strange to have the Christmas atmosphere on that day; but still, if you haven’t done much before, it’s a good chance for you to make it all up!


III.    Celebrate with local and Korean Popstars in various shopping malls

A.     According to my research, most of them are free, or with a few spending in those shopping malls. Well, I do not know much about them, but I have all those posters in here now, so read it for yourself my friend!

[Please note that they are all written in Chinese, I can’t find any English version]

[Assuming you are able to read Chinese that’s why you like to be there with them, right?]

Plaza Hollywood

NewTown Plaza

Sunshine City Plaza

Yoho MallEast Point City


IV.   Throw a god damn party at home

       Home New Year Party

A.    Well, if you are really too tired and/or lazy to get out, throw a party at home is also a great way to celebrate! Turn on the tele and you can have the BEST view that you try so hard to find in Point I. The only drawback I could think of is the cleanup, because it’s always the worst thing to do afterwards! BUT still, at least you can have a great time in 2017!



No Partners? No worries! 

Singup and Create an Event in ToGother! 

We will find you and will celebrate with you :D 

Too shy to Create an Event? 

Just Look for the existing events from Here! Maybe you will find your perfect partner in crime!


Alright then, choose the most suitable option and tell your SO and friends! Let them know you are socializing! It’s never too old to be celebrating the end of a year, it’s your other year of living after all!



Cover Photo by Chansereypich Seng


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