One Day Tour in Country Side of Hong Kong - Shing Mun Reservoir

What is the first thing you think of Hong Kong? Most of the answers are: Night view, Skyscrapers, Foods and Drinks and all those modern artificial materials. But do you know that Hong Kong is full of country parks and mighty creations of Mother Nature? Just step out of the downtown and enjoy hiking with the astonishing views in the country park near Tsuen Wan.

Choi Lung Restaurant

Take the minibus (route 80) / bus (route 51) in Tsueng Wan MTR station to Chuen Lung Village, where you can find two very traditional and country-style Dim Sum Restaurants, Choi Lung Restaurant[1] and Duen Kee Restaurant.[2]

 Duen Kee Restaurant

It’s really difficult to choose which one is on top of the other, but I can assure you that they both are very special dim sum restaurant, that you can rarely find elsewhere in Hong Kong. Allowing pet birds to take inside of the dining area, tea-making with spring water, traditional dim sum, and self-serving at all-time are all you will never able to find in the urban area.


And it’s worth every penny you spend on both of them because of the size of the food! It’s so gigantic and fully loaded, yet it’s only costing you 70% of your spending in an average dim sum restaurant; even though I have to admit it doesn’t look so appealing.


P.S. the watercress is definitely one of the dishes you should order, because it is freshly harvested from the field outside. They usually stir-fried the watercress with minced garlic, and it’s taste AMAZING!



Pick your own tea and pour it yourself.

Dim Sum

Dim Sum

Take as much as you want.

Inside of the Restaurant

Inside of the Restaurant

Keep in mind: It’s better to be there at around 8- 10 because that is the time they are still making and cooking the dim sum; if you are later than that, you may have to choose among the continuing heated leftovers.


The early bird catches the worm, alright?


Lung Mun Country Trail

Take a walk on Lung Mun Country Trail that leads to the Shing Mun Reservoir in 2-3 Hours. Follow the well-built trail, and you don’t have to worry about getting lost, because there are signs in almost every 500 meters.  


Melaleuca Tree in Shing Mun Country Park

You can see there are full of Melaleuca plant near the reservoir, and most of them are nearly 15 meters tall and in good condition, which you can seldom see in the city. 


View in Shing Mun Reservoir

Beautiful view you can find there, especially in spring/ wet season.



Did I mention there are lots of monkeys? Oh yeah they are living in there and crazily reproduce, so they are pretty much everywhere near the reservoir.


One Important Message: Monkeys see, Monkeys TAKE, so beware of your belongings.


You can get to the river bed when it’s in the dry season, typically in March; but I would not do it because the view is much better during the wet season.

But if you do, just make sure you don’t and you won’t leave anything behind, because it’s still one the important water supplies in Hong Kong, be considerate!


After taking tons of selfies and enjoying the phenomenal view, you can walk down to the minibus station to return to the civilization.



Or Should you?

Should you just spend a 5 hours walk in here ONLY to see some monkeys?

Think again! I am going to give you a better idea in the next update, so just stay tuned!


P.s. If you are really tired and think it is enough, then you can simply just leave cause you have still enjoyed the view and the walk!


[127 Chuen Lung Village, Route Twisk, Tsuen Wan (No reservations required)

[2] 57 – 58 Chuen Lung Village, Route Twisk, Tsuen Wan (No reservations required)


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