Travel Hacks: that will make your life soooo much easier (Part 5 The END)

Hello Travelers, this is the last chapter of my travel tips sharing, and it’s also talking about the end of the trip, returning home. It’s been a real long journey and I truly wish my experiences and ideas can help and also spice up your adventures!


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1.  Unpack

UNPACK Immediately!

The first thing to do when you reach home, it MUST be unpacking your stuff. Yeh you may be tired after all those transportations, but think about those smelling damp clothes, they have been packed inside of a sealed area with nearly no air-circulated for that long time, things can only get worse. So just do it ASAP, do it for your own good and do it for your luggage.


2.     Backup

Store your Photos & Videos on Drive Immediately

Once you have finished unpacking, the second things you should do it right the way is to make a backup/ store your photos & Videos footage. Those tiny memory cards and stuff are easily forgotten and lost, so better do it ASAP! I personally recommend you make two copies at the same time if you are using external hard disk for your backup, because it will lower the risk of malfunction. Recovering data from a damaged hard disk is still a load of money, even in 2017.  


3.  Itinerary

Update and/or Share the itinerary of your Trip

Just because you like to travel without a plan, doesn’t mean the itinerary is not important. I love travelling without a plan, I really do, because it can easily find the joy of exploring and discovering the unknown.

But the itinerary in here is all about the aftermath, the review, the sum up.

It’s really important because the more you travel, the more memories you have, the easier you will get it all mixed up and forgotten something that seems less memorable.

Trust me, if your Significant Other ask you where were you on that particular day or where did you go after that place; but you have hesitation, you are SO DEAD.  

Therefore, for your own good, and for the good of other, I recommend you should have it recorded!

The BEST and Easiest way to do it, is to Create an Event in ToGother and fill it all up, Easy and Neat! And they will have all saved, not only the Data, but also your ass.


4.  Explore

Keep Exploring and Travelling

Travelling is so addictive, one does not simply stop exploring the world after a trip. You can still do it if you have no money for your next trip, just go to ToGother and we will show you the world with our eyes! Or you can simply find the nearest travelers in ToGother and show him around, just to feed your sense of wanderlust! It’s fun and free at the same time!


Just click Here to begin!


Alright then, these are all my tips so far, hopefully it will help and have yourself a better and more memorable vacation experiences in the near future. 


And don't forget to subscrbie! I will be back soon for more updates, stay tuned!!




Cover Photo by Alexandre Chambon on Unsplash


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