Travel Hacks: that will make your life soooo much easier (Part 4)

Exploring the City


Hey! This time I am going to show you how to have a really memorable trip and a good way to explore the nearby. Nothing difficult if you are willing to step forward and give it a try, Don’t just stay at your comfort zone, you will see a much different world if you are following these tips!


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1.  ToGother

Throw away your guidebooks. They are just so outdated and standardized recommendations. In fact, Guidebooks only advise you to do all the touristy activities; and TBH, most of them are even advertisements.

I recommended ToGother because it got me in it, and also there will be loads of travelers to share real thoughts and experiences.



2.  Use the Local Language

Use the local language, even if you only know a little. It really works so well for me, although I don’t have much talent in other languages. The locals just love and appreciate you trying to communicate with them in their own languages, because they acknowledged that you have tried your best to get to know them and respect their cultures. In return, they will treat you much better than others. (especially when I am now living in HK, people will still be surprised when they encounter a Gwai Lo speaking in Cantonese, even just a little)




3.  Souvenirs

List out all the targeted souvenirs, and just stick with it. Trust me, travelling around is somehow equivalent to buying souvenirs; and if you disobey the rule, you are going to be labelled. But those things are always come in with package discount and cheap, listing out all those items and its quantities can prevent you from buying too much and end up you have to do extra work to give it away.



4.  Eat like a Local

Eat what the locals eat. C’mon man, if you are going to the foreign land and still eating the same food you have back home, just save all those moneys and stay home. Again, DON’T just follow what the guidebooks promote, ask the host of the hostel, the taxi driver, and the locals to give you advice.



5.  What They Think You Do

Do what the locals do. It is always the safest way to do what the locals do, step out of your comfort zone; or else you may either lose your money and your health, or enjoy the 15 minutes of fame in a negative way. For example, if you are a woman and travelling to the UAE, wear a hajib or prepare to be fined.


“When in Rome, do as the Romans do” is always right when you are travelling, blending in and lay low is not only the safest way to explore a new place; but also you can get a better and in depth experience. That’s my best tips during your stay, will return again for the final chapter of the tip later! Stay tuned my friends.



Cover Photo by Steven Lewis on Unsplash


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