Travel Hacks: that will make your life soooo much easier (Part 3)

For Arrival and Stay

Hey what’s up! It’s me again with my sharing on how you can make your trip better, aka tips! And this time it’s all about the things you encounter when your flight finally hits the ground and landed. Give this a try and you may save your time from queue (again).

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1. Baggage Reclaim      

Go directly for your luggage (Lucky if you have only Hand-carry luggage). It is really often to see there are lots of people seem to have no idea what they should do after landing, and crowed around the bridge. So just walk away from them and save your time for queuing at the immigration.



2.  ATM    

Use ATMs to get local currency. Yes, it’s charged with service fees and stuff; but it is still charging lower than the money converters in the airport. So if you really did not prepare for the currency, just use the ATM instead. LoL still remember I TOLD you to authorize your card to be used in foreign countries?  If you did not do so, haha, jokes on you!



3. Shop For Groceries 

Shop for the groceries when you arrive your destination, just in case you cannot find anything useful around your accommodation. Water and bread are always my must-buy, just in case the there is no drinking water/water boiler provided in the room. BUT you should still avoid using the boiler, who knows what has been boiled in that thing before you?



4. Use of Luggage  

Remove only the necessities from your luggage, and put the things back to luggage ASAP, it can save lots of time from repacking, because packing is always the biggest nightmare!! And also prevent you forgetting something to put it back-in when it’s time to leave.   



This is it, hopefully this would help and you can have a great journey ahead. But, if you are that unfortunate, I can still show you some other tips to help you ignite your trip easily! Talk to you later my friend!


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