Travel Hacks: that will make your life soooo much easier (Part 2)

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Hello again, after your preparation, here’s come the tips for you before and during your flight to your destination. It works perfectly for me, and I hope it will also make your flight a lot easier as well.


For Departure and During the Flight


1. Water Bottle

    Bringing a water bottle with you is always a brilliant idea to travel, because you will find them so expensive if you are in LCC. And this is also one of the urban myths that you have already heard more than once: the drinking water tank on the plane has never been washed, and it looks damn “grey and green” in that tank. In this case, better have it full before you climb on board.  



2.  Fanny Pack 

Trust me! Put YOUR PASSPORT in it! So you can find it with ease and hand it to the authories.

A fanny pack is really helpful despite it is so embarrassing to wear. Putting the fanny pack under your tee shirt can prevent you losing all the valuables even when you encounter robbery. Plus, it is really so handy to use, you can put all the change in it.



3.  Internet Connection on Plane

Pay for the Wi-Fi/internet access if your flight is really so long; unless you are a natural hyped person, and/or have passion in making conversations with strangers.



4.  Pen

Always bring a pen with you, because of the customs forms. And the Flight attendants rarely have them, and even if they do, according to the other blogger in ToGother, they just don’t want to lend it to you. 

Just put it in your fanny pack. LOL



5.  Toilet on Plane 

Rush to the toilet to free yourself when it is still 30 minutes before landing; or else you may have to fight for the restrooms when you land and waste your precious time on queuing. 




The next part is for you to use when you landed, if you use it wisely, this could shorten your time to your stay for an hour, so just stay tuned and will be back with the hacks moment after!

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