Travel Hacks: that will make your life soooo much easier (Part 1)

We all know planning for a trip is exhausting and time-consuming, so we think of these tips to ease it up. Hopefully this would help, and turn it to be more productive, joyful and satisfying.


Before You Leave

1. AirBnB

Think Out of Hotel, have a look at websites like AirBnb or some Coach surfing platform to enjoy better accommodations with a lower price. Or you could just find your companions in ToGother to share the costs of accommodations, the more you find, the lower the costs will be. After all, going out alone is not always equals to spending less, right?


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2.  Roll the Clothes

Rolling your clothes can save lots of space in your luggage, and to make it even better, you can roll the clothes in sets, so you could just rush out next day without spending too much time in mix & match.  [Gotta save more time for sleep imo]


3.  Passport

Scan or photo shoot your passport, ID card and email them to yourself, download it and save it in your phone for the offline record. Even if you lost your belongings, you can still easily identify yourself to the authorities.


4.  Credit Cards/Debit Cards

Make sure you have authorized your credit card and/or debit card to be used in foreign destination; but you should also set a withdrawal/ spending limit to lower the lost when you lose your cards.



Always put a fragile sticker on your luggage, because we all know how they throw the bags if the sticker is not on, but overdoing it is also a drawback to this, so just keep two stickers on each luggage for the maximum.


Okie dokie, that’s it for the preparation. Stay tuned my friend, I will be posting the other tips for you real soon.



Now go and make a booking, and then create an event in Here if you need a roommate for your next trip! Ciao.


Cover Photo by Rana Sawalha on Unsplash


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