7 Hand Gestures You Should Be Really Aware of!

Think you have a really good understanding in hand gestures? Think again. After learning this 7 hand gestures, you may regret for what you have done before; or you will be grateful for knowing this beforehand.


1.     Thumbs Up

Thumb Up

“Like” in the mighty Facebook, what could have gone wrong? Well, it is definitely a highly offensive in certain parts of the Middle East as its mean sucking the thumb to other's anus. And it is also used as an insult in Bangladesh. (I can actually understand the reason behind, because some people thumbing up with a really mean expression.)



2.     The Fig

The Fig

Well, I know it means “screw you” in most of the Asia area and also considered a gesture that mimics the female private part in Italy. However, it indicates good luck and fertility and a way to prevent the evil eye in Roman. What is Roman and where can I find them? Go ask your history teacher. Anyway, just prevent doing it.


3.     Three-fingered salute

The Three Finger Salute

The mighty salute sign in the Hunger Game Series is forbidden in Thailand. Maybe the government of Thailand just do not wish that their citizens become rebellious. Or maybe they just thought it is too annoying to see that much influences of Hunger Game.


4.     The OK

The Ok Sign

In most of the English-speaking countries, this means that things are fine, great, and perfect. However, it is a rude gesture in Latin America, it’s considered as a sign of insult, as it’s implying your anus. [Did'nt quiet get that, maybe I don't have that much of imagination:S]


5.     The V Sign

The V Sign

Two formats: one with the palm face inwards, and another with outwards. V sign with palm out is often referring to the peace sign.

However, in the countries that used to /still ruled by the Queen, like UK, Australia and South Africa, the same gesture with palm in is considered to be an extremely insulting. So Watch out boys, Do Not attempt to do this while watching the EPL; unless you want to turn the fight between the clubs into the fight between the fans. 


6.     The Horn Fingers

The Horn Fingers

If you are attending the concert or a rock show, just feel free to use it and Rock On! But in many Latin countries, such as Brazil, Spain and etc, please do not attempt to sign it at someone, because it is to tell them that their spouse is cheating on them. (Well, unless you are really sure about that.)


7.     The Come Here

Come Here Sign

This is well used in USA to ask a person to step forward. (I think it’s a bit impolite, but I guess the Americans will just disagree with me) However, it should only be used to point at dogs and ask them to come in Asia. And if you do it in the Philippines, you could be arrested as well.



This is it, of all the gestures among the world; these 7 signs are on the top of my list that I think you should be aware of. Ummm… Unless you really do not care and are always ready to start a fight with the locals. 


But if you really DO!


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Cover Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


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