7 Ways Not to Feel Lonely When Travelling Alone

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Reports showed that there are lots of people scared of travelling alone, as they feel spending so much time on their own might be really difficult physically and mentally. Therefore, these 7 tips I am now writing could be the life-saver when travelling alone.


1.  Make Friends with yourself

Make Friend with Yourself

Just deal with it, learn to be your own best friend and you won’t feel lonely anymore, anywhere, and anytime. (DO NOT do too much and talking to yourself loudly in public, you will be treated differently after doing it.)



2.  Smile


Smile and the world smiles with you, smile and people are more willing to communicate with you. It is a good way to start a conversation, and also well-believed that will increase your attractiveness as well. (Again, too much is always a big NOPE)



3.  Make Friends with the Locals

Make Friends Josh Applegate

Having a local friend is always the best and fastest way to know and explore the new place. Not only they can help you to run away from the touristy traps; but also helping you to bend it and live likes a local.


4.  Join the tours and excursions

Local Tour 

Only lazy tourists would join the tours? Think again smarty! Joining the tour and guaranteed that you will meet people with similar interest and with plenty of spare times left in the travel. That means it could be the other you, and he/she may become your companions for the rest of the trip.


5.  Hang out at a hostel


To stay or not to stay, that is not a question for you to hang out there. You could just buy a cup of coffee there and sit down and relax. Just make sure you are not going to the access-restricted hostel; otherwise, you could easily get in touch with different people there.



6.  Find a travel mate

Travel Buddy Matheus Ferrero

Yes, why wouldn’t you just find a companion at first? If you still think travelling alone is a nightmare, then you should always find a travel mate before planning the travel. The easiest way is to start with your Facebook friends first – just write them a message and invite them. 


7.  Use Togother


Come on, just type-in where and when you want to go. And we will help you to get in paired. You can simply start from here:

Discover The World with ToGother


It’s really easy and handy to use, with just a few clicks and you will find yourself a buddy that with similar interests. If you are still wondering how it works, watch this and you will have a better understanding afterwards!




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