Making Friends while Travelling

In my experience on the road, I’ve found out that lots of people choose to travel with friends or family (For safety reasons or really wish to share the journey with that particular). However, not every time we can get the full squad to travel together, and sometimes you can only choose between staying home or keep going on your own and playing solo.


Worried about your solo trip? Check out the helpful tips for making friends while travelling on your own.


1.     Stay in a Hostel/ AirBnB



We all understand that this might not be welcome for some, but staying in a hostel or AirBnB is really a convenient way to make new friends and travelling partners.  You have to get to know each other when you’re there to share the dorm room for days, and that’s barely impossible to run away from it. And mostly the guests will be sitting and chatting in the common areas while attending the host events, which are great chances to connect with new people. If you are really new to this, to make things easier, book a private room first to see if you are really into the culture of hostel. 


2.     Take a Class

Cooking Class (source)

Take a look on the internet and see what kinds of classes are being offered in your destinations. Perhaps it is the chance to learn how to cook Chinese cuisine or to learn how to be a zoo keeper. Joining and taking a class in your journey is a great way to meet locals and connect with people like you, the one who is not afraid to step out of their comfort zone that you might not be able to meet in hotel.


3.     Take a group tours

 Local Tour 

Get rid of the stubborn thoughts of group tours, there are lots of varieties of types that are not what you normally join with your family when you are still a child. The biggest benefit of group tours is you can save your time from planning schedule, and also higher security of course. It was also a great way to make new friends. Going on group tours is probably the best way to make friends, since you are bound with them for days, and they have the similar interests like you for sure. Tour guides are always friendly and encouraging the group members to get to know one another, and by the end of the trip, you surely will have made great friends for life.



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